ANNUAL REPORT, 2011/2012

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ANNUAL REPORT, 2011/2012

The Centre for Biotechnology and Bioinformatics (CEBIB), located at the College of Biological and Physical Sciences, was founded in 2005 as a virtual centre for Research and Postgraduate Training at MSc and PhD levels in biotechnology and Bioinformatics to increase capacity and develop manpower for health; agriculture; industry, environmental management and related fields.

To support research and teaching, the centre endeavors to source research and development grants. Current donors include USAID, Denver Foundation, as well as sub-awards from the National Council for Science Technology and other institutions. This has enabled the centre to implement a nationwide Biotechnology Outreach Programme for the Agriculture Sector through workshops, hands-on training, professional meetings and conferences for stakeholders in the Biotech sector. Research and teaching at the centre are implemented by academic staff from the College of Biological and Physical Sciences, College of Agriculture and Veterinary Sciences, and College of Health Sciences, as well as collaborating institutions.

Prof. James Ochanda, Director

The Centre’s academic and research programmes have expanded in recent years and today include the participation of visiting academics from international links and collaborating institutions. CEBIB currently houses four advanced modern laboratory facilities that comprise three Biotechnology Laboratories and a state of the art Bioinformatics Laboratory.  


 Student enrolment per year has continued to improve steadily over the years. The centre currently has a total student population of 60. CEBIB admissions are gender sensitive, with student numbers remaining nearly equal by gender, indicating the Centre’s emphasis on the role of women in research and development. The Centre established an Academic Board to provide oversight and manage an expanding Academic and Research Programme, consistent with the University strategy of enhancing Biotechnology growth and development in Kenya and the entire region.


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