Message from the Director

Welcome to the Centre for Biotechnology & Bioinformatics (CEBIB), College of Biological & Physical Sciences (CBPS), University of Nairobi. The site is an entry point into comprehensive information about CEBIB staff students, research activities and facilities.  Your are most welcome in this site and visit us often. The centre for Biotechnology and Bioinformatics, is a shared research facility to facilitate and strengthen research, capacity building and generate marketable products through exploitation of biotechnology and bioinformatics. 

The postgraduate training program at CEBIB was launched on 3rd July, 2005, with admission of fifteen students (With 10 Undertaking Msc. In Biotechnology & Bioinformatics and 5 registered for PhD. studies in Biotechnology).  The admission level is programmed to gradually expand, as the centre strengthens its research facilities.  It is important to note that CEBIB is the only institution of its kind currently offering post-graduate training in biotechnology and bioinformatics in the Eastern and Central African Region. The center’s facilities contain basic necessities such as Molecular Biology Laboratory, Bioinformatics Unit and Genomics platforms among other laboratory and office spaces.  Currently, the Centre has embarked on a major program to improve its research facilities through the support of a number of development partners.

The Centre for Biotechnology and Bioinformatics operates under the guidance of Biotechnology Research Advisory Board and a full-time Director who is the Chief Executive Officer.  Each research unit is planned to have at least two full-time research scientists, two technologists and two laboratory assistants.  In addition, heads of units are selected from among members of the academic staff holding posts and duties in other University Departments.

The future growth plan for the centre is bright, and we look forward to expansion of our research facilities to cater for the planned development of marketable products, among other goals. In the meantime, we wish to assure our clients that we are fully committed to achieve our set goals and objectives of delivering quality academic programs as well as venturing into the development of marketable products to enhance – socio-economic development in our society.

I therefore take this opportunity to welcome you to visit our website to get familiar with our constant scheduled updates and encourage you to send us your comments for continuous improvement.