Bionformatics Proposal Presentation Seminar

November 27, 8:30 am

Centre for Biotechnology and Bioinformatics (CEBIB) lecture room


Centre for Biotechnology and Bioinformatics (CEBIB) lecture room

Masters in Bioinformatics students will defend their proposal during an Msc Research Proposal Seminar.

The Research topics, students presenting and supervisors is as listed:

  • Gene Co-Expression Network Analysis To Identify Hub Genes Associated With Developmental Stages of Meloidogyne incognita by ONGESO Nehemiah. Supervisors: Dr. Rosaline  Macharia - CEBIB, Dr. Solveig Haukeland - ICIPE  
  • Targeting Fungal Kinases for Development of Novel Antifungal Agents by MWENDA Pius Supervisors: Dr. Rosaline Macharia-CEBIB, Dr. Edwin Kimathi  
  • Computational approach for in silico screening and discovery of drug like leads in Enterovirus E71 by OSATA Shamim. Supervisors: Prof. Dimbuson Wallace Bulimo - Dept. of Biochemistry, Dr.Edward Muge- Department of Biochemistry  
  • Characterization of Evolutionary Signatures of Innate Immunity Related Genes in six Glossina species by KAREGA Pauline  Supervisors: Dr. Rosaline Macharia - CEBIB, Prof. Robert Waterhouse - University of Lausanne Switzerland, Dr. Daniel Masiga – ICIPE  
  • Development of a gene co-expression network to infer virulence of Rift Valley Fever in Human and Livestock hosts by GITAU John. Supervisors: Rosaline  Macharia-CEBIB