CEBIB Postgraduates Learn from WASO-Sponsored Thesis/Dissertation Writing Workshop

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UNES-Arziki Conference Centre

On Wednesday, March 27, 2019, five (5) CEBIB postgraduates; Gitau John, Osano Maureen, Wekulo Mathew, Kipkiror Nicholas, Okeyo Seline, and CEBIB Technical staff; Rono Edwin, attended a half-day workshop sponsored by Water and Society (WASO) project and hosted at UNES Chiromo Conference Centre. The objective of the workshop was to equip the learners with skills on how to prepare an effective thesis and/or dissertations.

The guest facilitator, Prof. Rob Bongaardt from University College of South-Eastern Norway, emphasized that supervision of research work involves defining functional aspects that include the development of institutional structures, rules and regulations as well as planning a research framework.

Enculturation is an important component of supervision where a supervisor provides guidance to the student. Furthermore, research supervision requires the development of a healthy relationship between a supervisor and a student, with a clear understanding of a supervisors’ expectation from a student which include commitment, dedication, effective time management, systematic approach and originality of the work. On the other hand, a student’s expectation from a supervisor includes elaborate response, good balance between positive and negative feedback and giving the student sufficient consultation time to gain maximum benefits.

It was clear from the workshop proceedings that a research project should trigger critical thinking among all parties involved, so as to encourage a systematic and transparent work. Emancipation is critical in a research project to facilitate the transition of a student from dependence to independence to interdependence.

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