CEBIB hosts 1-Day Hands-on Training on use of genomic DNA Extraction and PCR Teaching Kits

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Mon, 05/30/2022 - 21:00
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The Center for Biotechnology and Bioinformatics (CEBIB) in collaboration with Chemoquip Limited(Kenya) and HiMedia Laboratories(India) organized a 1-day hands-on workshop on the use of HiPer® DNA Extraction Teaching Kits (Column based) and HiPer® PCR Teaching Kit.




The event which was held on February 11, 2019, at CEBIB attracted 30 participants, both faculty staff and postgraduate students. Each of the participants was engaged in the practical use of the kits in the extraction of genomic DNA (gDNA) from a bacterial culture, amplification of the extracted gDNA using gradient PCR, resolution of the extracted DNA/PCR products using agarose gel electrophoresis and visualization of the gDNA fragments in a gel doc.

The teaching kits are tailored to be used for performing ten (10) experiments, are affordable, and give reproducible results. The Director - Chemoquip Ltd, Musela Yose, pointed out the lack of adequate practical training to impart hands-on skills as a major gap in training of Science-based programmes in Kenyan institutions of higher learning. To bridge this gap, his Nairobi-based company has partnered with the India-based manufacturers of the teaching kits, HiMedia Laboratories. HiMedia Labs’ Technical Sales and Marketing Support, G. Rajasekaran and Vitta Bhargava respectively, were the guest instructors during the practical sessions. The Director-CEBIB, Dr. George Obiero, lauded the initiative of the industry partners and welcomed further collaborative engagements to enhance research, teaching and learning. The participants were pleased with the user-friendly kits, accessible user-support, elaborate protocols, less experimental time, reproducible findings, affordability and comprehensive packaging of the teaching kits.

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Mon, 05/30/2022 - 21:00
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